Poster for the new season of Boku no Hero Academia and Shingeki no Kyoujin

Who else is excited for the next episode of Attack on Titan or One Piece? 🙋‍♂️ And who else is also excited for the next season of My Hero Academia? 🙋‍♂️ While waiting for these awesome episodes, I’m thinking of watching an anime that I haven’t watched. But what should I watch?

Since Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have picked up a lot of buzz in the market these days, I figured it’d be fun to make an anime recommender app to tell me what anime to watch based on what others have also watched. …

Git Logo
Git Logo
git logo

Jaman sekarang hampir semua developer menggunakan Git untuk version control. Semenjak 15 tahun lalu dibuat oleh Linus Torvalds, Git sudah menjadi pilihan utama dalam pengembangan software, mengalahkan Subversion (SVN) dan Mercurial yang sempat populer sebelum Git. Perusahaan-perusahaan yang bisnisnya menjual layanan berbasis Git pun banyak yang meraup keuntungan sangat besar seperti GitHub yang diakusisi Microsoft dengan harga 7.5 milyar USD.🤯

Git adalah aplikasi command line interface (CLI). Dan seperti aplikasi CLI lainnya, ada banyak perintah (command), opsi, dan argumen yang dapat digunakan di Git. Biasanya developer hanya mengingat beberapa perintah yang digunakan setiap hari seperti git init , git add

Tahun 2020 merupakan tahun yang sangat berat untuk banyak orang di seluruh dunia. Banyak jiwa yang hilang, banyak yang kehilangan pekerjaan, dan banyak pula bisnis yang terpaksa gulung tikar. Namun dunia teknologi terus berjalan maju dan ada banyak major release untuk teknologi-teknologi mobile, front end, dan back end.

Di artikel berikut kami memaparkan beberapa framework, bahasa pemrograman, dan alat-alat untuk pengembangan aplikasi yang mendapatkan update yang signifikan di tahun 2020.

React 17

Di tahun 2020, tim React mengeluarkan versi major yaitu versi 17. Uniknya, tidak ada fitur baru di versi 17 ini! Namun bukan berarti tidak ada yang berguna di versi ini…

So many features to develop to make the best iOS and Android app.
So many features to develop to make the best iOS and Android app.
Mobile App Development is hard, so many things to develop!

Ada banyak tantangan dalam mengembangkan aplikasi ponsel baik untuk iOS atau Android. Misalnya, waktu membangun aplikasi (build time) yang lama, penolakan dengan alasan yang tidak masuk akal dari App Store, fragmentasi perangkat, dan masih banyak lagi. Dan karena butuh waktu yang cukup lama untuk mengirimkan update ke pengguna aplikasi, hidup Anda akan lebih damai dan pengguna aplikasi Anda akan bahagia bila Anda sudah mengimplementasikan fitur-fitur berikut dari awal walaupun fitur-fitur ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan fungsi utama aplikasi Anda.

#1 Crash Tracking dan Reporting

Anda perlu memantau crash yang terjadi di aplikasi Anda dari awal karena crash pasti terjadi. …

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya perlu mulai melacak jumlah git clone di semua repositori di bawah organisasi Hyperjump di GitHub. Untungnya GitHub menyediakan data ini di halaman Insights di setiap repositori. Data ini hanya dapat dilihat oleh pemilik repositori dan admin dari organisasi dimana repositori itu berada.

Grafik jumlah git clone per hari untuk repositori di GitHub

Sayangnya GitHub hanya menunjukkan data jumlah Git clone dan visitor untuk 2 minggu terakhir saja. Dan data ini tidak dapat di export. Tambah lagi, saya perlu membuka semua halaman Insights di setiap repositori yang ingin saya lacak satu per satu.

There are times we want to let customers get our products without paying a dime. Some people instead ask customers to tweet about the product first before getting the product, i.e., Pay with a tweet. It’s an efficient way to spread the news about your free product.

A few moons ago, I made a small Mac app called Tiny and I released it for free. I have since then changed the website, but when someone clicked the download link, I showed a pop up telling them to donate to Watsi or Wikipedia if they liked the app. …

When Apple announced iOS 7 in WWDC 2013, everyone was surprised. I was lucky to be able to witness the announcement in person in Moscone Center, San Francisco. The new flat design brought forth both outrage and joy among WWDC attendees. I was outraged at the beginning. I didn’t want to lose the beautiful skeumorphic design. But then I realised that the change was an advantage for me as a developer who couldn’t even design leather user interface in Photoshop since I found Photoshop to be too complicated.

All we have to do now is to play with simple colours…

This story will actually be more interesting if my first Kickstarter campaign for my project, ProtonNote for Mac, is successful. At this rate, I don’t think my goal will be reached. But I’m going to share it anyway 😎.

I didn’t have money to pay professional creative studio to make the video for my campaign. I just wanted the video to have some simple animation at the beginning and to end it with me talking a little bit. Basically, I was inspired by my friend/mentor’s successful Kickstarter project, OpenPhoto/Trovebox by Jaisen Mathai.

Then I remembered that Apple has an app…

One thing you need to remember when visiting tourist destinations in Europe is that there will be locals who will try to swindle or steal from you. And they will be aggressive and sneaky in their methods.

For example, to get to the entrance of The Basilica of the Sacred Heart from the front, you need to walk up from either the left or the right road. The locals will block your way and ambush you. They will offer you some shitty bracelets for free. Even if you say no, they will forcefully put the bracelets on your arms by…

I just moved to Switzerland. The moving process had been time and energy consuming that by the time I finally had time to sit in front of my Mac with internet, I lost track of what I had done and what I should be doing. And that’s when Chris Wood suggested making 1 app every week. And I thought it’s a brilliant idea.

One week is a very short time to make an app. So I have to make it as simple as possible. With that in mind, for the first week, I decided to make a Mac app to…

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